American Rescue Workers Washington DC
American Rescue Workers Washington DC
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Vehicle Donation Program

Donate your car, truck, RV, boat or other vehicle to The AMERICAN RESCUE WORKERS, a nonprofit spiritually based organization providing human service programs in our community.

For more than 47 years, The American Rescue Workers programs have helped people in the Washington DC area.

Donations from people like you help make our programs possible.

Donating Your Vehicle Just Makes Sense

  1. You may receive greater value for your vehicle as a charitable contribution on your itemized tax return.
  2. You'll be spared the ordeal of talking trade or selling your vehicle.
  3. You'll make a valuable contribution to help the needy in our community.

Donating Is As Easy As...

  1. Sign the vehicle's Certificate of Title on the line marked "signature of seller(s)." Print "American Rescue Workers" on the line indicating the purchaser's name and address. If the title shows a lien, original documentation clearing the title from the lien holder must be provided.
  2. Call The American Rescue Workers at 301-336-6200 to arrange an appointment and delever your vehicle, title, and keys. We'll then provide a temporary receipt.
  3. Once we receive your clear title in our office, we will give you an official receipt acknowledging your charitable contribution for your tax deduction.

That' all you have to do to become a part in helping The American Rescue Workers help the needy in our area.