American Rescue Workers Washington DC
American Rescue Workers Washington DC
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American Rescue Workers
Community Church

Sunday School.....................

10:00 am

We offer classes for Men, Women, and Teens

Sunday Morning Services.......

11:00 am

Rev. Maj. Byron E. Martin

Come for the service and stay for the meal. Come share with us in the morning service and then stay for a great meal at 12:30pm.

Tuesday Evening Services:
Brothers Keepers' Meeting.........

8:00 pm

Rev. Maj. Byron E. Martin Building vital relationships with other men

Wednesday Evening Services..........

7:00 pm

Rev. Rick Chung shares God's Word in Bible Study

Thursday Evening: Overcomers Meeting........

7:00 pm

Rev. Joseph Holmes of Restoration Ministries
Applying God's Word to Your Recovery and Anger Management

Pastor: Rev. Maj. Byron E. Martin
Assistant Pastor: Rev. Rick Chung

Restoration Ministries: Rev. Joseph Holmes, the leadership of Restoration Ministries, has spent the last seven years ministering to our men with Christian Counseling and Substance Abuse classes for over 7 years now. We honored them with a plaque and a recognition service. Rev. Holmes pastors here at our Chapel on the first Sunday of each month. We are thankful for his and John's ministry.

For God So Loved the World...

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life."
John 3:16 Holy Bible KJV

It is difficult for a man who has spent his whole life living for himself at the cost of other's pain to understand that anyone could possibly love them. They don't believe that even God could love them. They are considered by this world's standards as unlovable. But God loved them when they were in their mother's womb and continues to love them today. And he loves them through his people who he leads to them to minister to their needs.

He accomplishes this through the strong Christians that God has placed in our paths. We are thankful to these saints and to their ministry that is forged in love.

The American Rescue Workers has a set of Doctrines that we believe in.


At the American Rescue Workers Annual Council on June 30, 2004, Maj. Byron E. Martin was Ordained as a Minister through the American Rescue Workers Ordination Committee headed by Rev. Maj. Leroy Wion.

Gen. Claude S. Astin, Jr. announced the ordination to the congregated fellow officers and awarded Maj. Martin with a framed Ordination Certificate. Feeling led by the Spirit, he then asked Gen. Paul E. Martin, retired, to lay hands on his son and pray at the conclusion of the ordination service.

Maj. Martin has been preaching for the American Rescue Workers since 1982, when he was made Commanding Officer of the Baltimore, MD Corps. He then filled in from time to time as interim pastor whenever the DC Corps were between pastors. He did not begin to earnestly study for his ordination until after becoming the Commanding Officer of the DC Corps in October 2001.

Rev Major Byron E Martin

American Rescue Workers Community Church

American Rescue Workers Community Church

American Rescue Workers Community Church
L to R: Mr. John Hudgins,
Rev. Maj. Byron Martin,
Rev. Joseph Holmes

American Rescue Workers Community Church
L to R from back: Gen. Paul E. Martin,
Rev. Joseph Holmes,
Mr. John Hudgins,
Mrs. Holmes,
and clients kneeling
for prayer at the altar.

American Rescue Workers Community Church
L to R: Maj. Scherry Martin,
Maj. Byron Martin, Gen. Claude Astin